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Kimberly Welding - Owner/Groomer

Hello!! My name is Kim Welding, and I am the owner of Muddy-Mutts Grooming. I have been grooming dogs for over 12 years and I just love what I do. I owned a dog grooming business in Lampasas, Texas before relocating to Lincoln, Nebraska this past year. I sold my grooming business in Lampasas, TX to my best friend and sister, Russann Hankins. She worked with me as a groomer for 8 of those 10 years. Three years ago, Russann and I taught our Mother and other sister how to groom dogs. Now they also own and operate a dog grooming and boarding business located in Killeen, Texas. I suppose you could say that dogs have always been an important aspect in my life. My dogs, as well as my clients dogs are family to me. I could not think of any other thing I would want to do in life. I have an amazing job as I love what I do. To be a little more personal, I have two wonderful boys and the man in our lives...Well, lets just say he is amazing!! Both of our boys play football and our oldest plans to join the Airforce upon graduating from High School in 2 years. Our boys never get into any trouble (other than leaving the lights or TVs on) We are truly blessed! WE love everyone and we thank you for your business and hope to see you all at our new location very soon.